Rapid Media’s Website

To build the website for the company Rapid Media, we will follow the following pathways:

  • We will create an About Us page to focus about the Rapid Media company
  • We will create a new documents repository Downloads where the company could list and upload all of Rapid Medias’' business brochures, software, important documents and so on
  • We will display a page view of the list of publications
  • We will create page views of information about the company and products, submitted as blog posts and other pages which are the necessary for the company of Rapid Media
  • We will create a simple Contact form to communicate between visitors / clients and the company
  • We will create a simple menu to link to the content for easy navigation to any web visitors

Note: Dear Joomla Learners / Visitors, this page represents a part of Joomla Tutorial to create a company website using Joomla. When you have finished this tutorial page to create a dynamic company website, you may back to the main page of creating a company website by clicking the following link:

Rapid Media – Creating a Company Website

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