Find a good Domain Name for Your Website

Good domain name is always useful to develop and expand your business and website. The key step in developing your website or expanding your business always depends on the good domain name. Besides your business branding, a domain name is one of the most common ways people will remember and access to your website. So a good domain name should be be memorable, catchy and unique.

To find a good domain name, you have to choice: either to choose an existing offline name or to choose a new name related to your goal.

Choosing a good domain name when you have an existing offline name

domain nameYou may have an established company and so you have a good established name and you may want your domain name to be the same (or very close to that name). For example, if your company name is Home Kitchen Aid Mixers then the top of your list will be This definitely distinguish from others as this more significantly distinguish your company form other company. Your name is specific from others and thus you have a good name.

Search Engine Optimization : Brief Idea of Proper Search Engine Optimization & What Isn’t Proper Search Engine Optimization

SEO is simply the short form of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers the process of preparing the website to be spidered, indexed, and ranked by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and so that when any Internet users or visitors search for the keywords relevant to the contents of the website, the website will be appeared on the searched results page. Proper search engine optimization is a not so easy. It is really enough crucial to ensure success and need enough care and diligence to success by proper Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine optimization can be also used for marketing and promotional concerns and thus so Search Engine Optimization is always matter to any niche web sites.

IQ Test Questions and Answers: Some Job Aptitude Test or Aptitude Testing Questions and Answers

IQ test is one of the common test for all types of job or MBA entrance tests. Common IQ test questions are very simple but for the lack of practice most student don't correct them all. In the Internet you may find several test question or online practice test. You may solve them. In this page, I try my best to create  a free test and arrange some practice test questions. You will find one quiz and after that you will find 15 common IQ test questions. These aptitude test is totally free and it also tests your intelligence also. Again, I am saying that IQ test just tests your intelligence. In this page, I set some common and basic aptitude test questions and answers. You will find all the answers at the end of the page. But don't see the answers firstly. Take a paper and then write down the answers and at last check them with the answers.



Some aptitude questions


Aptitude test : 01

A farmer had 20 hens. All but 2 died. How many hens are still alive?

Employing Long Tail Keywords Phrases: Utilizing Long-Tail Keywords Phrases

Keywords i.e. search engine keywords always plays an important role for your website traffic and ranking. But what search engine keywords actually is and how to use this search engine keywords for getting huge traffic and site ranking? Hope, you are interested. But my concern is not only about search engine keywords but also the long tail keywords for getting huge traffic and high search engine ranking. Furthermore, long tail keywords are very helpful for keywords optimization i.e. search engine optimization (SEO).

Why long tail keywords?

Long Tail KeywordsThe concept of search engine keywords is not new and most web publishers and websites are dominating using these search engine keywords. Generally search engine keywords, of these sites are single word based keywords and they are ranking tot the top of the search engines for long time. If you use, those keywords  then it is not easy to dominate with your new site or website or blog. And the solution is long tail keywords for search engine keywords and dominating your website tot the top of the search engine pages.

Web Publishers Tricks to Drive Free Web Traffic: Learn How Bloggers and Online Writers Drive Free Website Traffic

Website traffic monitor helps to find the traffic of your website. Free traffic for blog(s) website(s) is(are) always expectable for all online writers and online blogger. Web publishers apply lots of trick to drive free web traffic. Some tricks to drive free web traffic are easy and some are hard and some methods need to spend some money. But all the tricks are helpful to drive free website traffic for the blogs and websites. This page marks some of the web publishers tricks to drive free web traffic. Reading this page you will understand how bloggers and online writers drive free website traffic to their websites and blogs.

Web Publishers Tricks to Drive Free Web Traffic:

Web Publishers Tricks to Drive Free Web TrafficRead the following paragraphs and learn how bloggers and online writers drive free website traffic:

Unique and quality contents for driving free web traffic: The first rule for getting quality high traffic of your website is the unique and quality contents. Quality contents are always king on  the Internet. To drive much free web traffic, your website or blog must have quality and unique useful contents. The much unique, quality and useful contents your site have, the much traffic your site will deserve.