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demonoid-logoDemonoid is a torrent-lovers first and best website and a world’s number one BitTorrent tracker created by an anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym "Deimos" and "Zajson". Demonoid offers lot of things which are really exclusive and hard to find except Demonoid. The domain name of Demonoid was previously but has been migrated since November 2010 to

How to Register in Demonoid?

Registration opens in Demonoid from time to time for a very limited short period. However, a user can easily register at any time if he/she receives an invite from a current user.

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Change Logo in Joomla: How to Change Logo in Joomla Template?

Each website must have a unique attractive logo. When you installed Joomla for your website, you will find the default logo of Joomla. But you need to replace the default logo with your company or website logo. Changing logo in Joomla is simple and easy. This page explains in short the ways to change the logo of your Joomla website.

Steps to change logo in Joomla template:

Follow the following steps to change logo in Joomla template:
  1. Create a logo of your website using Photoshop or paint or any other photo editingsample logo software or program. For example, we create a logo myLogo.png and it looks like the followings. After creating the logo, upload the logo to the image directory of the template.
  2. Log in to your websites' admin control panel and access Extensions | Template Manager.

How to find the current default template of Joomla?

Current default template is the template which is the actual look and feel when the visitors visit the site. All websites build on Joomla CMS, has at least one current default template. Sometimes you may need to change the current default template or you may need to customize the template color, background or any other type of modifications. For all these purposes, you need to know the location of default template of your website. This page illustrates the way to find the default template of your Joomla website.

Steps to find the current default template of Joomla website:

  1. Log in to the Joomla!administration panel i.e. Joomla control panel from the address like from any web browser where example is the name of a domain name. If your website name is HideMyTips then just replace the term example with the term HideMyTips.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the Template Manager feature under Extensions |Template Manager in the menu.
  3. There you will find the list of the templates and one template is marked with a yellow star symbol. And this is the default template of your Joomla website.

Finding Joomla Template ManagerThus following the above steps you can easily find out the default template of Joomla website. Moreover, if you click on the template name with the cursor, you may do lots of other things after accessing to that template.

For more illustration in details, you may visit the following link to learn step by steps visually to find the default location of Joomla template.

Learn visually to find the current default template of your Joomla website!!

How To Backup Blogger Template Design: Simple Steps to Backup Blogger Template


Summary of taking backup of Blogger blog template:

Publishing / creating contents and updating blog design is not the only daily activities of a blog owner. A blog owner must have to take the backup of his / her blog template before modifying any part of the template. Backing up regularly blogger templates, helps the blogger to restore the blog template if any mistake occurs during the template modification.

Common questions related to To backup Blogger template design:

  • How to backup blogger template?
  • how to backup blogger blog template?
  • How to backup blogspot blog template?
  • How to backup blogspot site template?
  • How to take backup blogger template design?

Hosting All the Template Images on Picasa

All the templates are designed with adding some images. It’s common that the blog owner normally don’t like to use the default template. Rather they use third party templates and moreover they like to customize the design. For customizing the templates, they need to add some images to the template and they need to host some image hosting service providers like Photobucket, Flickr, TinyPic etc. All the third party template provides generally use these type of image hosting solutions for hosting the images of the templates. But hosting solutions like those, generally not provide unlimited bandwidth and so after some days you will see that the templates do not look as earlier and somewhere you might be notice like “bandwidth exceed” or such type of texts or images. And so the best alternate solution is to use the Picasa as it offers unlimited bandwidth and so your template will always be as usual always.


Reasons to use Picasa for blogger template:

The main reasons of hosting template’s images to Picasa is:
  • Picasa offers unlimited bandwidth for all the images for your blogger template.

How To Add Signature or Blog Name in Blogger Posts?

Summary of adding signature or blog name in blog posts:

Blog owners like to make unique look and feel to their blogger / blogspot posts. To mitigate this desire, bloggers like to add a signature or the name of the blog at each of the blog posts. This post of HideMyTips simply explains the great tip and trick of adding a signature / blog name at the end of each posts.

Common questions related to add signature or blog name in blog posts:

  • How to add a signature to a blog posts?
  • How to add the signature of the writer(s) of any blogger blog?

Evergreen Melody - A Free Blogger Template for Any Blogger

Evergreen-Melody Evergreen Melody is a free customizable blog template for any blogger or blogspot blog owner. A green field is really attractive and everybody always like it. And so, Evergreen Melody is like a template of green color. Is it a natural place or anything else! No, it’s a template of green color to green your soul. Design this template for your only when you feel something like green and fresh. A fresh cool template, Evergreen melody is totally free of cost and perfect if you like green color. Just give a try and express your green thoughts. The basic color is attractive green but can be change all the colors and fonts.

Black Ash - A Free Blogger Template for Any Blogger

Black Ash is a free customizable blog template for any blogger or blogspot blog owner. It’s a one column template which provides easy flexibility to customizable the top menus and the footers. Black Ash template has three column footers. The basic color is black and ash mix but can be change all the colors and fonts.

dark ash

Creating Top Menu: Simple Steps to Create Top Menu

Menus and Submenus are ease for browsing and navigating your blog contents and posts. Arranging your Blogger / Blogspot contents through using menus and sub-menus offers visitors a lot of flexibility to go through contents easily. Bloggers generally does not offer this type of flexibility to add menus and submenus currently. HideMyTips offers this flexibility to all of it’s templates. Adding menus and submens, is just the fun and easy if you use HideMyTips’s blog templates. No need any programming knowledge or no need to add special codes to add menus and submenus. Just make your blog menus and submenus simply by following the simple instructions which will be mentioned here.

Apply menus and submenus of your blogger blog to navigate your blog quickly. Each templates of HideMyTips offer this feature.


Steps to create menus and submenus:

Adding menus and submenus to your blogger blog is very simple and easy with all the templates of HideMyTips. Follow the following steps, to add menus and submenus of your blogger blog:

Step 1: Log in to Blogger Dashboard

Go to or and put your email address and password to log in. After successful log in, you will be redirected to your blogger dashboard.

Select Design Option

Step 2: Accessing Top Menu part

Go to Design -> Page Elements -> Top Menu –> Edit . This is very simple and just a matter of some clicking of your computer mouse.

Top Meun Coe Part

Step 3:  Adding menus to your blog

After finishing step 2, a window will be opened. Here, you can add menus as much as you like. Just put the link and a name to the New Site URL and New Site Name part.  After doing that just click on ADD LINK button to add your link to the menu. Repeat the steps again and again to add as much menus as you need for your blogger blog.

adding menus

Step 4: Adding submenus to your blog

Sometimes, you blog may be need of a multi-level menu. HideMyTips’s templates also provide this flexibilities also.  Just put a "-" (dash) before the Subitem name, for
example: "-Sub-menu Item".


Please note that Submenu items always should be placed below the parent menu item.

Step 5: Saving the blog

At last, adding all the  menus and submenus, you need to save your work. Just click on SAVE button and that’s all. All your blog’s menus and submenus are now save and you can preview this easily.


Following all the above mentioned steps, you can easily add menus and submenus for your blogger blog. This is very simple and easy if you like to do it with the templates with HideMyTips. Hopefully, you do it successfully for your blog. Moreover, if you face any difficulties please mention it to the comment section.

Installing Blogger Templates: Simple Steps to Install Blogger Templates

Templates of HideMyTips are very simple to install and apply. To do this some simple steps are required to follow up. In this section, the details of installation of any template will be discussed.

How to install new templates for your blog:

Follow the following simple steps to successfully install any new template for your blogger / blogspot blog:

Step 1: Choose a template and download the template from HideMyTips

Before installing any templates from HideMyTips, you need to  choose a template and download that file of your computer. For example, we choose Misty Blue Ocean template for our blog. So, download the template (Misty Blue Ocean) from HideMyTips and save it to your computer.

Step 2: Login to Blogger / Blogspot account

Before trying to install any templates of HideMyTips, you must have to access your blogger / blogspot account. To access your blogger account, simply follow the address to or by typing in the address bar of your browser and hit Enter key. Then put your Email address and password and hit Sign In button. After successful login, you will be redirected to Dashboard page.

blogger blog login page1

Step 3: Choosing Design option from dashboard

Select the blog which you want to change template from the Dashboard panel of your  account. now click on Design option from the Dashboard panel.

Select Design Option

Step 4: Accessing blogger template and downloading the old template

After accessing Design option, choose Edit HTML tab under Design part. “Edit HTML” is required to change any modification of your template code, to change the template, to add extra code block to your blogger blog template etc.

Before changing the template with the new template from HideMyTips, it is safe to save the old template because if you face any mismatch with the new template, you can restore the old template. So, it is wise to keep a backup of your currently used template. You can easily back up your current template from the Download Full Template link. Just do a backup of the full template.

Download the old template

Step 5: Uploading the new desired template

It’s time to upload the template. To do this, click on Browse button and browse the location where your desired new template is located. After that, click on Upload button. You will see that the template will be started uploading and within some moments the template will be uploaded completely.

Uploading the template

Note: After finishing uploading, you may notice some errors. Please ignore all the error messages, if any.

Step 6: Saving the new template

When you have finished uploading the new template, you will notice a button marked as SAVE TEMPLATE at the bottom of the page. Simply, click on the “SAVE TEMPLATE” button to save your template.

Save template

And that’s all. By following the above steps, you can easily upload any new template for your Blogger / Blogspot blog. Actually, it’s very simple and easy. Just a matter of few clicks. Hopefully, you can successfully upload a new template. If you face any difficulties or problem, please mention it to the comment section. Your comments are highly expected.

Template Menubar: Menubar Is for Easy Navigation

Menubar is used for easy navigation for your blogger blog or blogspot blog posts or contents. Menubar is located just below the header or before the header which is easy for navigation. Menubar is really an eye catching elements of your blog and is pretty useful for all type of visitors for easy browse throughout the blog. Below in the snapshot, you will find a typical snapshot of menubar which is located just below the header.

Menu Bar

All of the templates which are designed HideMyTips, have been coded to have this Top Menu. It’s easy to add links to this Top Menu. To add links in the Top Menu, login to your blog account and go to the Layout --> Page Elements tab and click the Top Menu’s “Edit” link (see the red Ellipse line below). And after accessing that you can easily add links as you like!!


Thus the Top Menu option enables you to add menus as you like to add. Moreover, it also supports sub-menu also.

Blogger Template: Misty Blue Ocean

Misty Blue Ocean template is the template which alive your blog. Applying the theme Misty Blue Ocean template turns your blog the blue mist of the ocean. The Misty Blue Ocean template has one column which is standardized for any blog. The basic color is mist and blue mix but can be change all the colors and fonts.

Misty Blue Ocean - misty-blue-ocean_blogspot_com


Features of Misty Blue Ocean Blogger Template:

  • Gorgeous misty blue color theme
  • Almost all colors and fonts are easy to customize.
  • Edit buttons of Blog Posts are fully functional.
  • One column sidebar which is perfect for presenting widgets (Google Search widget, Labels widget, Achieve widget, Popular Posts widgets etc.)
  • Menubar below the header is for easy navigation and easily customizable.
  • Header image can be easily changed.
  • Tested ok in all browsers using


Terms of Use:

This new XML Blogger template (Misty Blue Ocean Template) is totally free by leaving the footer credit to intact.

How to Hide or Remove Blogger NavBar Completely (Top Navigation Bar Hiding)

navbarBlogger NavBar means Blogger Navigation bar. Blogger Navbar is a type of toolbar of any blogspot blog which appears by default at the top of every Blogger-powered blog with the included features like [B] (Blogspot home page link), Search Blog (to search blogs), Flag Blog (to mark the current blog as objectionable), Share (to promote contents), NextBlog (takes to a random, recently-updated Blogger blog), email address (shows the log in account email address if logged in), Dashboard (if logged in, a link to dashboard) and Sign In/Out (displays the appropriate option, depending on whether any user is logged in or not). The Blogger-powered blog’s Navbar can be easily removed or hide if you don’t like the toolbar. Most of the recent blogger are not much interested on it now-a-days. In this page, you will find the detail information to completely remove the Blogger NavBar from your blog.


Steps to hide or remove Blogger NavBar completely form your blog:

Hiding or removing Blogger NavBar completely form your blog is very easy. You don’t need any knowledge regarding the CSS or HTML. Just follow the following steps to hide or remove Blogger NavBar completely form your blog:

Step 1: Log in to Blogger Account

Firstly, log in to Blogger by typing the address or After successful logged in, blogger will redirect to you the dashboard page to change anything.

Step 2: Searching the code

From your Dashboard panel, click on Layout and then select Edit HTML option. Here, you need to search the following code segment:


Step 3: Adding code to hide or remove NavBar completely

Now, you need to copy the following codes of line and just paste this code blog immediately BEFORE/ABOVE it.

#navbar-iframe    {
Step 4: Saving your work

After doing the above steps, you need to save all the modification which you have done in the previous steps. Just click on the SAVE TEMPLATE option and that’s all.

And that’s all. By doing the above steps you can easily hide or remove Blogger NavBar from the top your blog. Hope, you could easily success to remove or hide Blogger NavBar completely from your blog. However, if you face any difficulties or problem to do the above mentioned steps, just simply tell that in the comment section. Your comments are highly expected.

Tagging Tips for Your Blog to Boost SEO

tagging tips Blog publishers or website publishers often struggle a lot to optimize their blog and blog posts and better search ranking. This is pretty useful to rank the page content to the top of the search engines and blogs get a high volume of traffic to the post. Lots of techniques are available for blog search engine optimization. Among all of the tips and techniques of SEO, one of the best and easy technique is to use tagging techniques to optimize any blog or blog posts. This article will just explain the tagging tips for your blog to boost your blog search engine optimization.

Most good tags are often 1-3 words rather than a long phrase or 5-6 words phrases. However, you can combine two phrases to create a good new tag. For example, “tagging tips” , “your blog”, “boost SEO” gets lots of traffic instead of using “tagging tips for your blog to boost SEO”.

The number of tags should be 6 to 10. I found lots of people have good contents but no tag at all. I think, without using any tag they are loosing the huge visitors traffic. But what is the actual number of tags? I think it’s good to use 6 to 10 keywords and this really gives much seo for your blog.

Too many tags often create a problem. Putting some tags for your content page is really useful but too many tags does not pretty useful for your blog posts. Use only measurable number of tags. Many people use many keywords like 15 to 30 keywords. But there is a common situation that most search engine sometimes ignore the rest of the tags except the first 10 tags. So, in this situation al the rest of the tags are pretty useless for the content SEO.

Avoid using inappropriate, or unrelated tags. Tags must be relevant to your content pages and the page title. If the tags are not relevant to your content page then the page rank may be depressed by the search engines. So, try to guess the relevant tags for your blog and use them only for your blog contents.

Beside using the main tags, use several variations of the tags. For example, for this article we use “tagging tips” tag. So, a variation of this tag may be “tagging tip”. Here, we use the singular form of the tag. Thus you may also use the similar words for tagging your content page.

Some SEO expert or forum may suggest to avoid to echo the title of the contents. But it is really effective and useful to echo your title of your content page. Don’t be afraid to echo content title in the tag sections of your content page.

Tags are separated by commas for most of the site. However, some site may separate the tags by spaces or other symbols. So, try to figure out the actual ways to define tags.

Tags are really effective for better SEO for your blog. Some tips i.e. tagging tips are explained in this page for better SEO of your website or blog. Based on all these methods, all the content page are tagged for better ranking of the pages to search engine and thus the SEO is easily included to all the content page.

How I Make Money With Google AdSense?

71417852 Money earning is actually a business. Yes, when you like to earn money the term is related to is the business. I like business. I do business to earn money. Like me lots of people are there who like to earn through business. But my business is not like the traditional one. I like to do business and this is the passive income business. If it is possible to earn money through passive income, why do I go for other type of business? Yes, I earn through business and this business is related to Google AdSense. I have a blog which you are visiting right now. This blog generates my passive income or passive money each day which is pretty much for my monthly income and I am really glad to pay my house rent and electricity bill each month.

It’s really true that I earn through Google AdSense and the income is really appreciate for me. I earn $1000 per month easily through this blog and writing hubs in HubPages and there I am known as rancidTaste. I earn through writing my good contents. I write contents in English and I earn through Google AdSense and nothing else. Like me, you too can earn money through Google AdSense thorough your blogs and contents.

Before earning money through Google AdSense, one thing must have to know that you are earning through your contents. So, your contents must be good and unique and must be useful for the visitors. Always try to write good contents instead of poor contents. I found myself that the good contents have much value even years after years. Recently, I decided to publish all the contents to HideMyTips but before that I have published some blogs. All the contents of those blogs are fully written by me. And I think those contents are really good and I still get lots of comments of those contents. Just some moments back when I decided to write this content page, I moderate some comments to my contents which were published two years ago. So, the good contents are always good whether it is old or new. Good contents have best value always.

People likes good content. So, what is a good content? A good content is those that can satisfy visitors quest and visitors need. Suppose, think about this content page. This content page actually describes the ways I earn money through Google AdSense. Telling people to make money is not the thing of this page. Rather make people believe that they too can earn money like me through Google AdSense and to make people mentally prepared to make money.

Earning money through Google AdSense is totally yours income. It is your own business. Remember, all the earnings are totally yours and there is no share of money with your friends or family members. Many website or blogs or forums tell you that they help you to earn money. But why or how? I don’t think so and I suggest not to dependent to those money earning games. You are creating contents and everything depends on the quality of your contents.

Beside creating good contents, you have to care about the traffic of your contents. The more traffic you get for your contents the more possibility to earn through Google AdSense. There are lots of ways to bring traffic of your website. You may submit your contents to article directory or stumble or digg etc. Moreover, there are several forums or websites which may offer you to bring quality traffic by adding those website links to your sites. The social bookmarking sites like Facebook, hi5 etc. can also brings targeted traffic for your contents.

Doing all the above methods need hard work to bring traffic. But there is another great solution to solve it. You may create links yourself to bring targeted traffic to your contents. One such way is to add links of related post items. This method is particularly useful and it really brings lots of traffic to your contents. For example, I am writing a content of Google AdSense related. In my blogs or sites there are other contents related to Google AdSense. So, when I finished my writings, I may add some of those related contents article page at the bottom of the contents. This method is really very helpful to brings lots of visitors to the contents. Thus as the visitors are increased to your contents, the change of income through Google AdSense is also increasing.

Other option is to create useful contents to solve visitors problems or to create comments to other blogs and link back to your site or blog. When you comments to other similar contents, you may add the link of your contents and other people may find it useful for them and finally the move to your site. And now if the visitors are really satisfied from your site, they again come back to your site for good quality useful contents and also recommend your site to others. Finally, you are getting lots of traffic and the possibility of your passive income through Google AdSesne is increased.

In this way, I create good quality contents and those contents bring lots of visitors to my contents. Visitors make comments when they really satisfied to my contents and the Google AdSense displays relevant adds to my content pages. If visitors are really satisfied they are interested to the add links and finally go through the link. And the links bring me money. Thus Google AdSense helps me to earn much each day. This earnings are really very useful for me to pay my monthly house rent, to pay my monthly phone bill and to pay the monthly electricity bill and many more. I am really satisfied earning through my contents and Google AdSense. Finally, you can say taht contents, participation, linking, traffic helps you to earn money like me which I am earring daily. Hopefully, you also can and wish your success to earn money through Google Adsense.

@Written by HideMyTips (Admin)

Why to Prefer Dot COM Domain Name?

webaddress Many people like to have a domain name and it’s best to choose a .com domain name instead of other domain extension. This page gives you a brief idea why it is better to choose a .com domain name instead of .net or .org domain name.

Many domain extensions are available today on the internet. Lots of domain seller like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator etc. domain seller sells lots of domain with a varieties of extensions like .net, .me, .org and many more extension. But anyway, which domains do the domain registrar sells, .com domain name is the most popular among all the domain names.

Many bloggers have commonly experienced a problem that if they have any other extension other than the .com domain name they loose a good number of visitors to visit their websites. It is seen that even if the visitor enters the domain name correctly – he/she tends to hit the ctrl+enter keys together, which causes the site/blog traffic to go to another website. Thus it creates a problem to the bloggers to visit their website or blog.

Moreover, if you search anything to Google or Yahoo or Bing, you will notice that all the search results are from the .com domain name. There are also results from .net or .org etc. site also. But the majority of the result comes from the .com domain extension. So, as far as Search Engine optimization is concerned – it is always safest to stick to a .com domain as it gives enough searched result and most popular.

Some people have the intension to make a experiment to use a .biz domain name for their company. Here, once again the people failed to create the brand and finally failed. This is totally horrible when you failed such type of situation. Two of my friends choose .biz extension for their website and they changed the .biz name to .com name after two months. After changing the .com name, they noticed that the visit rate increases to 37 times and they told me the thing. So, it’s the .com which always wins to all the domain extensions.

Throughout this page, I only want to mention about the reason to choose .com domain name instead of .net or .org or other. It is mentionable that .net like domain name also good and many .net like domain is popular around the world. But the best one is to choose a .com domain name as most people have the tendency to type only the domain name and hit Ctrl + Enter key together to access the website. So, my personal recommendation for all these reasons choose a .com domain name to easily get the traffic or to get the visitors easily and easily indexed by search engines.

How to Add Your Blog or Website to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites. But how to use Google Analytics? You have blogs or websites or forums. But you don’t know the ways to use Google Analytics for all these blogs, websites or forums. Don’t worry. The detail step by step procedure for adding Google Analytics will be found in this page and you just follow the steps to do all.

  1. Click on Sign Up Now Option to Create an Account Go to Google Analytics by typing the address to your browser address bar. Remember, you must need a Google account to use Google Analytics for your blog or site or forums. So, if you don’t have any Google account, you must have to create a Google account firstly. When the Google Analytics page opens, click on Sign Up Now option to create a Google Analytic account through your Google / Gmail account.
  2. Login in to your Googel Account When you have done the above step, you will find a sign in prompt to log in to your Google account. Put your email address and password to the Email and Password field and click on Sign In button.
  3. After step 2, Google Analytics offer you Sign Up for Google Analytics option. Just click on Sign Up button to Sign up Google Analytics. Remember, you must have to click on Sign Up button to sign up to Google Analytics. Otherwise, you cant sign up to Google Analytics. Click on Sign Up option
  4. Now, the Getting Started page will be appeared. Here, you will find some text field which you need to give information. Just fill the following information to the respective fields and click on Continue button.
  5. In this step, you have to enter your Last Name, First Name and Country or territory. Now, click on Continue button.
    Account Setup for Google Analytic
  6. Click on Create New Account after agreeing the terms of Analytics Google Analytics now displays all the terms and conditions of Google Analytics. Just read all the terms and conditions of Google Analytics and click on the check box Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions and click on Create New Account button to create a new account of Google Analytics.
  7. After the above steps, you find the Google Analytics tracking code. You just need to copy the tracking code, then paste it onto every page you want to track immediately before the closing </head> tag. The tracking codes like the followings [In the field 'UA-1234567-1' will be your own tracking code for Google Analytics]:
    <script type="text/javascript">

    var _gaq = _gaq || [];
    _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-1234567-1']);

    (function() {
    var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
    ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '';
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);


  8. At last, click on the Finish button to complete the Google Analytics for your webpage, blog or forums.

  9. Choose Design option Access to your blog by visiting the address  or and select the blog which you want to add the Google Analytics tracking code. After choosing the blog, click on Design option of the desired blog which you like to add the analytics code of Google Analytics.

  10. paste the analytic code You will redirected to the page of Page Element page. You will find the link Add a Gadget and just click on that. After clicking on that option, a new window  will be popped up and you have to choose the Gadget HTML/JavaScript from the gadget pane option. Now, just paste the tracking code in the Content text box and click on SAVE button to save all the code to your blog template.

And that’s all. By following the above steps, you can easily add Google Analytics to your blog. Hope, you are able to add tracking code of Google Analytics to your blog. If you face any difficulties then please tell me in the comment section, I will try to solve your problem.


Google Analytics is totally free and anyone can use it for their website, blog or forums.   
Implementing Google Analytics to your blog is very easy. You just need to copy the tracking code and then paste it to a gadget to your blogger template.

New Look of Google AdSense Unit for Content Ad Units

Google AdSense is a money earning program for the publishers to earn money. Google AdSesne displays the relevant ads to the content pages of the publishers website or blog and when the publishers click on the ads it generate revenue for the publishers and thus publishers are benefited through their websites or blogs or forums. Lots of AdSesne companies are available in the world but Google AdSense is the best among all of them. Google AdSense is really reliable to earn money and lots of people are earning money around the world through Google AdSense program.

The format of Google AdSense is really attractive and now the great new is that it becomes more attractive for all the Google AdSense lovers. Recently, Google AdSense declares that Google AdSense is going to publish new formats of ads very soon. Google AdSense announce about these to Google AdSense’s official blog that they revamped design of three of Google AdSesne for content ad units! The change is actually done based on analyzing publisher site layouts and reviewing requests around the world of Google AdSense publishers. Google AdSense already doing a lot of time experimenting with different possibilities. Google AdSense announce to the AdSense blog like following about this changing issues:

  • Leaderboard (728x90): the title, description, and URL are now arranged in rows instead of columns (except in the case when only one ad is showing)
  • Medium and large rectangles (300x250, 336x280): the URL is now in the same line as the title
new Google AdSesne units

In the above figure, you will find the new outlook of Google AdSense for the publishers to earn more revenue through their web contents of the websites, blogs or forums. These changes of Google AdSense will roll out over the next few weeks and already some people have find the changes.


How to Backup Your Blogger’s Blog Posts?

Sometimes, you need to take the backup of your blogger blog posts. You may need to take back up your blogger blog for several reasons. Lots of tutorials are exist throughout the Internet to take back up of your blogger blog. I also need to take a back up of all the posts of a blogger blog and need to publish to another blog. Anyway, you need to do that for several reason. Here, you will fin a complete scenario to take the black up all of your blogger posts. Just follow the following steps to learn the ways to take the back up all the posts of your blogger blog.

Steps to back up your blogger blog posts

  1. Log in to by using your blogger Username (Email) and Password.
  2. choose settings form the specific blog After successful logged in to your blogger blog, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page of your blogger account. Choose the blog which you need to back up the blogger blog posts. After finding the specific blog, you will find a option named as Settings. Just click on the Settings option. For example, is one of my blog. I have some posts of that blog. I just logged in from by typing my username and password. Later I choose the option Settings of that blog from the Dashboard pane.
  3. Choose Export option Just simply click on the Export option from the Setting’s Basic option and you will find a download link after that step.
  4. Click on the button of DOWNLOAD BLOG and save that to your computer hard disk.Click on Downlaod Blog button to download your blog contents

And that’s all. After finished downloading that file, your blog’s posts will be downloaded to your computer.


  • Download your blog everyday because it will help you in the future if you face any problem of your blog.
  • The total downloading time of your blog posts actually depends the total number of posts of your blog have. If your blog have much posts then you have to wait some time for the total download of your blog.

The Milestone of a Successful Blogger

successful blogging step by step Lots of bloggers are existed in the Internet. Some blogs are very popular and some are very useful for our day to day life. But others are not. To say frankly, blogging is easy. But it is not so easy to make your blog popular from the beginning. I am a blogger of some blogs. I write there several tips and tricks related to successful blogging etc. related to blogging. I am also a owner of two popular SEO blogger where hundreds of visitors visit to learn some SEO tips and apply those techniques to those blogs. But my intension is not to advertise myself. Rather I want to mention some of the milestone of a successful blogger should be. These milestones are really effective for successful blogging and make your blog popular. Following you will find some of the milestones to be a successful blogger:

  1. When you should start blogging, remember that your blog should not be about you.  The blog should be about your audience and your visitors..
  2. Writing all things don’t make your blog popular. Just find a unique niche and then start your blogging. This is really effective to all the visitors of your blog and it makes your blog popular.
  3. Managing all the contents of your blog is really difficult to manage and publish. So, you may take helps from others to mange and publish some of your blog contents.
  4. Sometimes, you may get the idea of contents form the visitors of your blog. You must thank them when they will try to help you or offer some great idea about the contents.
  5. You should have to make comments to other similar blogs and it really help you a lot to become a successful blogger.
  6. One think forget about making quick money through your blog. Lots of people are not able to success for this reasons. Actually money making through your blog is possible but it need proper time and work.
  7. In your blogging life, you must teach yourself to be an authority in your niche to be a effective good successful blogger.
  8. You may apply lots of effective techniques to promote your blog constantly. This definitely brings lots of targeted visitors to your blog. So, promote your blog as you can.
  9. You may offer others to write contents. Bur don’t forget to publish them to your blog. This generally brings the back linking to your blog which generally brings lots of visitors to your blog.
  10. And the last thing is that you must have to love blogging. Otherwise you will not success in blogging.

Throughout this post, I tried to explain shortly what should be the milestone of a successful blogger. Publishing lots of blogger may be easy. But to become a successful blogger is not always easy. You generally have to spend some time and techniques to do those. And that time you become the successful blogger.

Hide or Remove the Blogger Navbar

If you have a blog from Blogger or Blogspot, then probably you have noticed that there is a navigation bar at the top the blog. This navigation bar is referred as Blogger Navigation bar or sometimes known as Navbar. Lots of people ask the question that How to hide or remove the Blogger Navbar. Blogger Navbar provides several useful features with different colors.

Most people like to disable this Navbar as they think this is not necessary for their blogs. Anyway, there are many ways to disable or delete or remove this Navbar from your blog. But I do not mention all the ways or different methods. I only describe the easiest method which I apply to my blog (HideMyTips) to hide the Navbar from that blog. Just follow the following steps and you can easily remove the Blogger Navbar easily from your blog.

  1. Log in to your Blogger blog through the address  and use your username (Email address) and password to log in to your blog account.
  2. Choose Design option After successful logged in to your blog, you will access the Dashboard of your blog. From the Dashboard, choose the blog which you want to disable or remove the Navbar. After selecting that blog, you will find an option named as Design. Just click on the option of Design. 
  3. Click on Edit HTML tab From the Design section, you can do lots of changes to your blogger blog. But we are not explaining all of them. Rather we will discuss about the technique to hide or remove the Navbar from your blog. Just click on the option Edit HTML tab under Design tab. From this option you just need to add some code to remove or disable the Navbar of the blogger blog.
  4. Find out the following code to the blogger code:

  5. Now, paste the following code just before the above line of code (code which mentioned in step 4):
    #navbar { 
        display: none; 

  6. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE button to save the changes Lastly click on the SAVE TEMPLATE button to save all the changes you have done.

And that’s all. By applying the above steps you can easily remove the Blogger Navbar or disable the Navbar from your blog. Hope, you can easily do all this. If you face any difficulties then tell me in the comment section, I will try to solve this issue.