How to Hide or Remove Blogger NavBar Completely (Top Navigation Bar Hiding)

navbarBlogger NavBar means Blogger Navigation bar. Blogger Navbar is a type of toolbar of any blogspot blog which appears by default at the top of every Blogger-powered blog with the included features like [B] (Blogspot home page link), Search Blog (to search blogs), Flag Blog (to mark the current blog as objectionable), Share (to promote contents), NextBlog (takes to a random, recently-updated Blogger blog), email address (shows the log in account email address if logged in), Dashboard (if logged in, a link to dashboard) and Sign In/Out (displays the appropriate option, depending on whether any user is logged in or not). The Blogger-powered blog’s Navbar can be easily removed or hide if you don’t like the toolbar. Most of the recent blogger are not much interested on it now-a-days. In this page, you will find the detail information to completely remove the Blogger NavBar from your blog.


Steps to hide or remove Blogger NavBar completely form your blog:

Hiding or removing Blogger NavBar completely form your blog is very easy. You don’t need any knowledge regarding the CSS or HTML. Just follow the following steps to hide or remove Blogger NavBar completely form your blog:

Step 1: Log in to Blogger Account

Firstly, log in to Blogger by typing the address or After successful logged in, blogger will redirect to you the dashboard page to change anything.

Step 2: Searching the code

From your Dashboard panel, click on Layout and then select Edit HTML option. Here, you need to search the following code segment:


Step 3: Adding code to hide or remove NavBar completely

Now, you need to copy the following codes of line and just paste this code blog immediately BEFORE/ABOVE it.

#navbar-iframe    {
Step 4: Saving your work

After doing the above steps, you need to save all the modification which you have done in the previous steps. Just click on the SAVE TEMPLATE option and that’s all.

And that’s all. By doing the above steps you can easily hide or remove Blogger NavBar from the top your blog. Hope, you could easily success to remove or hide Blogger NavBar completely from your blog. However, if you face any difficulties or problem to do the above mentioned steps, just simply tell that in the comment section. Your comments are highly expected.

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