Hosting All the Template Images on Picasa

All the templates are designed with adding some images. It’s common that the blog owner normally don’t like to use the default template. Rather they use third party templates and moreover they like to customize the design. For customizing the templates, they need to add some images to the template and they need to host some image hosting service providers like Photobucket, Flickr, TinyPic etc. All the third party template provides generally use these type of image hosting solutions for hosting the images of the templates. But hosting solutions like those, generally not provide unlimited bandwidth and so after some days you will see that the templates do not look as earlier and somewhere you might be notice like “bandwidth exceed” or such type of texts or images. And so the best alternate solution is to use the Picasa as it offers unlimited bandwidth and so your template will always be as usual always.


Reasons to use Picasa for blogger template:

The main reasons of hosting template’s images to Picasa is:
  • Picasa offers unlimited bandwidth for all the images for your blogger template.
  • Picasa offers one GB space to store your blogger template and content’s images.
  • Picasa is totally free to use and a service of Google which is more reliable and secure to use.
Note: The good news is that if you use any blog of blogger then all the contents images are by default stored to Picasa even if you do not activate your Picasa account.


How to activate your Picasa account:

To use Picasa, you simply need an account of Google. Then simply go to the Picasa Web Albums home page and log in using your Google account. Once logged in using your username and password, you will see all of your Picasa hosted albums, including all the images uploaded to your blog posts.

After logged in to Picassa, you can easily upload the required images using Picasa’s web interface. After uploading the images, you can copy the image’s URL to use for your customize blogger template.


How to upload images to Picasa:

Uploading images to Picasa is simple and easy. Follow the steps below to upload any images using the interface of Picasa:
  1. Log in to Picasa Web Albums using your Google’s account username and password.
  2. After successfully logged in, click the Upload button near the top of the page and it will popped up a window to upload your image(s)
  3. Choose which folder in which you would like to upload your image(s) for the template by simply clicking any album or by creating a new album.
  4. And at last choose the image location that you would like to upload and just upload that image clicking on the button Start Upload. It is mentionable that you can upload up to 5 images at a time to any album.
upload to picasa

How to link to the uploaded images

To use the images for your blogger template, you need the link of the images which you have uploaded previously. To find the link of the image, you need to follow the following steps:
  1. Choose the image which you need to use for your blogger template by simply clicking on that image.
  2. On the right side of the image, you will find a link Link to the Photo and click on that link and you will find some links below there.
  3. Choose Image only (no link) by single click on that check box.
  4. Later, choose the size of the image from the option Select size as  Original Size.
  5. Your uploaded image is ready to use now. Just copy the image link from Embed image link which will be the original link of the uploaded image.
Link to the Photo Options

How to use the uploaded image to your blogger template

You can use the uploaded image to display as an actual image or to link to the background images.
If you would like to use the actual image for your content, you need to use the following code segment:
<img src="URL-OF-THE-UPLOADED-IMAGE" alt="Alternative Text" width="WIDTH-IN-PIXELS" height="HEIGHT-IN-PIXELS" />
The explanation of the above codes are the followings:
  • URL-OF-THE-UPLOADED-IMAGE: the original URL of the uploaded image
  • WIDTH-IN_PIXELS: the visual width of the image when the image will be displayed
  • HEIGHT-IN_PIXELS: the visual height of the image when the image will be displayed
  • Alternative Text: this explains the description of the image when any browser’s image is off mode
Moreover, you can use image as the background of the template. To do this, you just simply need to modify the code of the template. You need to modify the following segment of code from the option of Dashboard > Template Designer > Advanced > Add CSS and then have to finally add the following block of CSS code:
body {
background-image: url(url-of-the-image);
background-position: top center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
Just replace the code of url-of-the-image to the original URL. At last, save all the changes and that’s all to add the uploaded image as the background of your blogger template.

adding background to the template

By following the above steps, you can add any images with your blogger template as Picasa provides unlimited bandwidth to each of the images and it is more reliable.

To sum up, if you think that this post is useful for you, add your comment in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any query regarding this post, please mention it to the comment section.

Note: All the templates of HideMyTips’s templates are designed with several images and all the images are hosted to Picasa. So, all the templates of HideMyTips always remain same all the time.

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