How To Backup Blogger Template Design: Simple Steps to Backup Blogger Template


Summary of taking backup of Blogger blog template:

Publishing / creating contents and updating blog design is not the only daily activities of a blog owner. A blog owner must have to take the backup of his / her blog template before modifying any part of the template. Backing up regularly blogger templates, helps the blogger to restore the blog template if any mistake occurs during the template modification.

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Reasons / Benefits to take backup blogger template design:

Time to time blog owner make changes the look and feel of their blog design. So, they need to edit the code of the template. To err is human. All the blog owner are the human. During the modification time of blog template design, sometimes it may happen that the blog owner mistakenly edit the wrong section of the code. So, to protect this type of situation, blogger can easily restore the previous template by restoring the old once. Thus the blog template may same and working as usual.

Prerequisites to take backup blogger template design:

  • Must have enough permission to access the blogger template code

Steps to take backup blogger template design:

To take backup blogger template design is very simple and easy and just the matter of some steps. Follow the following steps to take backup blogger template design:

Step 1: Login to your Blogger account using your user id and password and access the Dashboard of your blogger account.

Step 2: Choose the blog which you would like to take the backup of blogger template design from the Dashboard panel. After choosing the blog, click on Design option of that blog.

choose Design option

Note: If you are not viewing the option like Design, don’t worry. Instead of Design, you may find the link Layout there. Just access the Layout option.

Step 3: From the Design tab, select Edit HTML link. “Edit HTML” link provides you to access the actual blogger template code editing, modifying and backing up option. In this tutorial we do not modify the code rather taking the back up of blogger template design.

Select Edit HTML

Step 4: After accessing Edit HTML tab, you will find a link like Download Full Template. Just click on that link to start downloading the full blogger template and save it to your hard disk.

download template

And that’s all. You have successfully be able to download the full blogger template in your hard disk and can later restore that if you need later.

Warnings to take backup blogger template design:

  • This tutorials only take the design of your blogger template only. It does not take backup the gadgets / widgets, posts or comments.
  • It is best to save the back up by renaming the downloaded template like using the date and time. This really helps to easily trace the actual template backup date for further assistance.

General Guidelines:

The above tutorial is describe in details to take the backup of blogger template only. Hope, it may help you to do so. Furthermore, if you face any type of problem or difficulties to take the backup of blogger template, simply mention it to the comment section. Moreover, you may write your comment in the comment section about the total tutorial of taking the backup of blogger template design. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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