Add More Than Ten (10) Static Pages to Your Blogspot / Blogger Blog

Google’s Blogger is now very smart as Blogger / Blogspot supports pages feature. This feature is a wonderful feature and using this feature you may turn your blogger blog into a good website. Using the pages features of Blogger, you can add up to ten pages as the default Blogger allow you to create ten pages. After adding ten pages, the NEW PAGE button has been disappeared. But what to do if your required more than ten pages? Is it possible? The answer is Yes. You will learn the tips and tricks to create more than 10 pages to your blogger blog.

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Steps to Create More Than Ten Static Pages for Your Blogspot Blog:

Creating or adding more than ten pages for your Blogspot blog is simple and easy. The thing you just have to follow some pretty simple steps and that’s all. Follow the following steps to create or add more than ten pages to your blogger blog:

Note: I guessed, you already create / add ten pages of your blogger blog. Now, we want to add more pages to the blogger blog.

Step 1: Edit the last page (page 10) you have created by from the last post’s Edit link.

Step 2: This brings the last page opened in the Edit mode. Now, copy the Blogspot / Blogger Page URL from your browsers address bar and paste it to a notepad file and save it to your computer. Note that don’t forget the link. We must need the exact link because we will use it for creating more pages then 10 pages.

Step 3: Delete the last post (we mean the 10th blogspot post). After doing this, you will see that the New Page button appeared again. Now, create a new page and publish that page.

Step 4: Open a new window to your browse window and paste the URL which we copied in step 2. What are you seeing? Surprised? Yes, this is the page which we deleted in Step 2. Now write this page and publish the page. This adds a new page to your blogger blog. Thus we publish the 11th page of our blogger blog and so we have total 11 static page to our blogger blog.

Demo: For demo outlook visit the following URL:

Tips: Following the above mentioned steps, you can create unlimited pages for your blogger blog by repeating the same procedure again and again. For example, you like to create 15 pages. So, create 10 pages firstly. then open last five pages in Edit mode and copy and paste the URL address to a note pad file. Then delete those five pages and create five pages. Lastly, use the five url to create another five pages. Thus in total, you have 15 static pages for your blogger blog. Definitely this hacks can be help you to create thus 15 static pages to your blogger / blogspot blog.


  1. This is a great tutorial. It helped me much. I was looking this tutorial. My blog has 12 categories. I just added the two more pages following your articles. Thanks you a lot.......

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  4. This worked really well! One correction: Step 3 says "Delete the last post". It should be "Delete the last page (We mean the 10th page)".

  5. Thanks Sylvia Duckworth for the comment and suggest for correction.

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