What Is AdSense Parser? Why AdSense Parser Is Required to Any Blogger?

Google AdSense is one of the best choice for all web publishers who like to earn some money by displaying the Google Ads to there websites. Like me, every one wishes to earn much money daily using this Google AdSense. But is it really easy? Or what to do? Yes, you can earn easily if you have unique, good and quality contents which does not violate the AdSense terms and conditions and if you properly put all the Google Ads to your websites or web contents. Many web publishers often have the website which are hosted to Google’s Blogger / Blogspot. The blogger blog is based on xml template. Adding the AdSense ads to this template is just simple and easy. The thing you have to copy the AdSense code form your Google AdSense account and paste that code to the Blogger blog using the gadgets.  But adding the ads to the post content area is not like that. If you do the above methods, the ads are not displayed. Web publishers have to do some work to add the Google AdSense ads inside the contents / post area. So, to format the original Google AdSense codes which can deliver the Google Ads to the post content are, everyone is needed a AdSense Parser. So, a AdSense Parser just encode the original Google AdSense code which can be added to the blogger post area to display Google Ads.

Why AdSense Parser Is Required to Any Blogger?

AdSense Parser just encode the original code which helps to show the Google Ads inside the post / content area of any Blogger / Blogspot blog when the encoded codes are inserted just before or after <data:post.body/> of the .xml template. Putting the code before <data:post.body/> shows Google ads below the post title and putting the code after <data:post.body/> shows Google ads after the post content.

adsense code and parsed code

Where to Get AdSense Parser?

In the next post I will publish a article of Google AdSense parser. Form there, you could easily parse the Google AdSense codes easily for your Blogger blog. If you would like to find that parser then you may go to the next post to find the AdSense parser. Or, you may use the search toolbar to find the AdSense parser.

Do I Need the AdSense Parser? Is it Necessary?
AdSense parser is just like  a tool or program which helps you to encode your Google AdSense code easily. It’s not mandatory to use the tool. If you do not like to use the AdSense parser then you may manually change the Google AdSense codes. The following symbols need to change if you are interested to do all things manually:
  • <    -------------------   &lt;
  • >   -------------------   &gt;
  • "    -------------------   &quot;

Hope, you have a basic idea about Google AdSense parser which may help you to format the Google AdSense codes to show the Google Ads into the post area of your blogger blog.

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