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ASK Remover
Ask Toolbar is one of the search tool which is a tool of www.ask.com. With no doubt, ask.com always search the best thing like Google and one of the popular search engine. And the toolbar ask toolbar is like that to search for you.
The toolbar ask toolbar is good and it installed several ways. Most of the time when you install some software then the toolbar is installed automatically with the software. Generally, it shows you whether you are interested to install that toolbar. As we are hurry during the software installation time, we generally not aware of this option and the toolbar is installed with that software.
After installation of the toolbar ask toolbar, it changes the default search engine to ask.com and there is many more change. It may also change the default home page to ask home page which is really annoying. Moreover, when you would like to search anything, then the search is completed by the toolbar instead of Google Search or Yahoo Search. So, it become a pain for you and you would like to uninstall that toolbar ask toolbar. But how? Do you know the way?
Yes, the solution is easy and simple. A software name as Ask Toolbar Remover, can successfully remove the ask toolbar. The thing is that you just have to download the software and run it and follow some simple steps.

The Ask toolbar remover works for several series of ask toolbar including 4.0.x series, 4.1.x series, and OEM 1000 series ASK Toolbars.

Ask Toolbar Remover follows the following three steps for each toolbar to uninstall completely form your computer or laptop:

  • Ask Toolbar Remover checks for the uninstaller
  • Ask Toolbar Remover executes the Uninstaller with the silent switch set
  • And at last Ask Toolbar Remover removes the Install directory for that toolbar (as the uninstallers are not always complete)

After checking, it checks for "ask" in your IE homepage URL, and if founds sets your IE homepage to Google.com

Download link of Ask Toolbar Remover:

Ask Toolbar Remover is totally free and you can download any of the following two links as you like:

Download Ask Toolbar Remover [Download Option 1]

Download Ask Toolbar Remover [Download Option 2]

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  1. great. I was loking this tutorial for the annoyed ask toolbar