How to Update Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox, the best browser for all the Internet users around the world. Using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox  is always good as more securities are included and more features are also included which is easy to easy for your daily Internet browsing, online shopping etc. But do you know how to update Mozilla Firefox? This seems hard if you do not understand the ways to update Mozilla Firefox. One of my friend ask me today that he is using Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and he wants to update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Are you looking for this type of issue? Then welcome you to this page. Here, you will find the details step by step to update Mozilla Firefox to Firefox’s 4.0 version. Remember, the version is not the matter here, but the matter is to update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox whichever version it is.

Steps to update Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: At first open Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2: To check whether there is any new version of Mozilla Firefox is available or not, you just have to click on Help menu and then choose Check for Updates… by single clicking.

Check for Updates

Step 3: After step 2, Mozilla Firefox will check whether any new version of Firefox is available or not. If it finds any update, it will show you into a box with the message New Version Available. Now click on Get the New Version and it will start downloading Mozilla Firefox’s latest version and please wait until the downloading has been finished.

Get the New Version of Firefox 4 

Step 4: When the downloading has been finished you will find a window Software Update window showing you the message of Update Ready to Install. The detail of the message is: The update will be installed the next time Firefox starts. You can restart Firefox now, or continue working and restart later. Just click on Restart Firefox button to complete the updating procedure.

Firefox Update Ready to Install

Following the above steps, you can easily update the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser. Hopefully, you find it easy and simple. Enjoy the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser!

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