Rapid Media—Building a Company Website

Rapid Media is a small company / business organizer, who are creating and delivering innovative ads, brochures etc. Recently Rapid Media feeling the urgency to put all the information about their business and products on the Internet to expand their business rapidly. . So, they are in need of creating an useful website which will be the icon of the company's main information.

Rapid Media wants a website with some informative pages like:

  • An About Us page which will describe the business of Rapid Media
  • A Document Repository from where all the company's brochures and software and other important files can  be downloaded easily
  • A Latest Information blog to deliver people what the company is currently doing and the future plan of the company
  • A Contact form for the site visitors / clients to send e-mails to Rapid Media.

This type of company website can easily done using Joomla. Our mission is to create a corporate website which will meet up the business goal of any company like Rapid Media. In this page, we describes just the Rapid Media’s requirements and nothing else. The whole tutorial will be published module by module. Hope, you enjoy. In the next tutorial, we will discuss what to do to build the website for Rapid Media.

Note: This is a tutorial which includes several steps and all of them are published sequentially. Stay connected and visit this website page for other part of this tutorial. Moreover, you may be subscribed to this site to be updated always. Just put the email address of the right top subscription link and get the latest update instantly when published.

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