How to Setup Google Apps Email for your Domain

Have you your own domain? If you have then the good news is that you can integrate your domain name to your email addresses with Google Apps. Professional email address (support@hideMyTips) is always accepted than the common address like or Professional people always behave like professional and they like to use professional email.  So an email address and the website is more professional as the email domain matches the website. Hope, you are also looking for this type of thing. In this page, the detail step by step instructions will be provided to setup Google Apps email for your domain which make all the emails professional.

How to setup Google Apps email for your domain:

By setting Google Apps email for your domain, you are creating professional email address of your domain. Professional email address is always smarter. Follow the following steps to setup Google Apps email for your domain:

Step 1: When you have your own domain, you firstly need to add your domain to Google Apps. Just type in the browser address bar and sign up for an account. The first thing is that you need to setup your domain. To do this, just type the name of your own domain (for example, in the Enter your domain name field and click on Get Started button and fill the form in the next step and complete your domain verification.2_Setup Google Apps Email for your Domain

Step 2: When Google has verified your domain, you will find that there is and Email link and below that link you will find Active email link. Before using the professional email of your domain, you need to active email. Just click on Active Email link.

1_Setup Google Apps Email for your Domain

Step 3: After step 2, you need to set up email delivery feature. For this reason, the MX (Mail Exchange) records need to change. To do this, you need to do change some setting of your domain. Remember, the methods to do is vary from different service providers. But the changing options are same for all the domain providers. You need to find the MX Records only and then have to change the MX records.  So, go to the domain provider web and log in to your account using your user name / email address / customer id and password. And then access the MX Record setting page of your specified domain.

Step 4: From the MX Record, delete all the records if there is. When you have deleted all the existing records, click Add New MX Record / Quick Add. After this, the MX (Mail Exchangers) Record Wizard will appear and then you have to configure the following MX records as you see below:

Priority Value Host Name Mail Server TTL Value
10 @ ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. 1 week
20 @ ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. 1 week
30 @ ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. 1 week

After adding all the MX Records, click on Save Zone File to save all the MX records of your domain account.

4_Setup Google Apps Email for your Domain

Step 4: After adding all the MX records, switch back to your Domain Manager account page (step 2) and click on I have completed these steps button to complete the professional email setup of your domain. 5_Setup Google Apps Email for your Domain
And that’s all. Following the above steps you can easily setup Google Apps email for your domain. This helps you to create professional email account of your domain. Hope, you can do all the thing to setup the email for your domain and use the email services easily.

Note: How to setup Google Apps email for your domain

Adding all the MX records, doesn't mean that you are able to use the email services instantly. Generally it should be. However, sometimes it may need 48 hours to complete the  the MX records update completely. So, be patience if you find that the email is not activated instantly after adding the MX records.

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