What if Someone Buys MyName.com? Choose an Alternate Domain When Someone Buys MyName.com!

You would like to have a personal website. What to do? Definitely, you must have a domain name. A domain name is the name of the site which you would like to create like www.google.com and you must have to register it form any domain registrar spending some money. One of my friend recently like to purchase a domain using her name. But she fails and ask me for help. Her query is that she could not purchase / buy the desired domain and she told me that what to do? I then asked her what was the name of the domain? She replied me that she like to purchase the name with her own name. I understand that and I told her that she was unable to purchase that domain name. Later she ask me, what if someone buys her name.com domain? Like her, you may also face the same problem with same query. If so, then what is the solution? In this page, I will mention what is the solution of that type of problem?

box with domainsThe first point, we have to remember when we would like to get a domain that whether that domain name is free or not. If not, probably you are not able to get that domain until the domain is released by other(s). So, when you don’t find the domain name which you would like to choose but already purchased by others then you should have to think the alternate solution.

A domain name ends with .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or any other extensions. .com is the most popular. Yet others are also popular and many websites are also build with that domain also. However, when you could not find the domain with your own desired name with .com extension, then the alternate choice is to switch to other extension like .net or .org or .info or .biz or other extensions. For a list of Internet top-level domains, you can go to the page of Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains. Just choose a extension for your site name and register with that domain extension.

But what to do when you not interested to use other extension except .com domain extension? Yes the solution is that you have to choose other name if you are strictly minded to use .com extension domain name. Just find out other name or try to change a good name by adding some characters or deducting some characters. For this, the suggestion tool of DomainTools may be a good choice for finding the domain name. Accessing DomainTools, you can search the  domain name which you are interested. Moreover, you could find whether that name is available to other extension domain name also.

To sum up we can say that when someone buys MyName.com domain there are actually two options if that domain is not registered by you or if you do not get that domain. The first choice is to use other domain extensions like net, .org, .info, .biz or others. And the other option is to choose a different domain name which best match for your name.  And that’s the solution when someone buys MyName.com domain name.

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