Template and Extensions for Rapid Media

Rapid Mead site is a company website and needs a decent outlook and flexibility to  arrange all the web contents. That’s why it needs a good decent template and for easy content arrangement it needs some extensions. Among all the extensions, some extensions are the core extensions which are already installed during the Joomla! installation time and one other extension is the contributed extension which can be downloaded freely.

Template for Rapid Media (A Dynamic Company Website)

Each company website need a decent template. Rapid Media has chosen Premier Corporate template which is developed using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Artisteer. The front page of Rapid Media will feature the About Us page.

Extensions for Rapid Media (A Dynamic Company Website)

To create the desired and dynamic website, we need to use some Joomla! extensions, components and modules.

Core extensions for the website:

Some optional core components and modules will be required for the dynamic company website. The good news is that all these are already installed with Joomla! and therefore do not have  to be downloaded form other places. We get them ready to use after installation of Joomla! for our website:

  • Contacts component: This component will allow website visitors to send messages easily and faster
  • Main Menu module: This module provides the primary navigation menu for  the website. So, visitors can easily navigate the whole website easily

Contributed extensions for the website:

Besides using the build-in component, we will use another extension which is not the build-in component. This type of component is called the contributed extensions. To complete this dynamic website, we need the following contributed extension:

  • DOCman component: The contributed extension which we will use known as DOCman component  which is free to download from http://extensions.joomla.org. DOCman component is a document management and download system for Joomla!. Using this component all users can easily upload and manage files across multiple categories / groups and make them available for download to anyone.


  • To create this dynamic corporate website we use DOCman component extension from the available extensions of Joomla! site. DOCman component has been chosen primarily as it is highly recommended by most Joomla! web publishers than the others, and the version used is free. However, you may choose other extensions also

Last Words

The tutorial of this page is arranged such a way to make anyone understandable naturally and simply. Please make your comments if you have any suggestion including your own opinions, regarding the tutorial which could make more understandable.

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