Delete Unnecessary Files in Windows 7 Using Disk Cleanup:How to Use Disk Cleanup to Delete Unnecessary Files in Windows 7?

You need to delete unnecessary files from Windows 7 to free up hard drive space and to keep Windows 7 running efficiently and fast. To do this, you may use a Windows 7 utility named as Disk Cleanup program to delete files that
your system no longer needs.

How to Delete Unnecessary Files in Windows 7 Using Disk Cleanup Utility:

Simple and easy to delete unnecessary files from Windows 7. Just the matter of some few steps. Follow the following steps to delete unnecessary files from Windows 7:

windows 7 disk cleanupStep 1: Click Start menu and type disk cleanup in the Search programs and files field. You will see that Disk Cleanup is appeared to the Program lists. Just choose Disk Cleanup by clicking that by mouse or hit Enter key selecting that link. [Alternate method: Just go to the following menus Start →  All Programs → Accessories → System Tools →  Click Disk Cleanup.]

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2_windows 7 disk cleanupStep 2: After doing the above steps, Disk Cleanup window will be appeared and click OK button. Remember, if your computer/laptop has more than one drive, then the Drive Selection dialog box will be appeared and you have to select the drive before clicking the OK button of Disk Cleanup window

3_windows 7 disk cleanupStep 3: Soon the Disk Cleanup dialog box will be appeared which displays the total amount of drive space you can free up using Disk Cleanup. Moreover, you may found some check box  and choose those for each file type that you
want to delete. After doing all these, click on OK button and wait.


5_windows 7 disk cleanupStep 4: Disk Cleanup now asks you to confirm that you want to delete the file
types which you have previously configured / selected by showing you the message Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files? with Delete Files and Cancel button. Just choose Delete Files button to clean up all the unnecessary files from your Windows 7 computer / laptop.

To sum up, following the above simple steps you can easily delete unnecessary files in Windows 7 Using Disk Cleanup. Windows 7’s Disk Cleanup is really very helpful to remove all the garbage space and I really become a fan of Disk Cleanup of Windows 7 when it deletes 2.54GB space after 7 months later of Windows 7 installation of my laptop. Hope, you use Windows 7 and can recover lots of unnecessary space of your hard drive. In my next post, I will discuss about all the types of files does Disk Cleanup delete.

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