Tagging Tips for Your Blog to Boost SEO

tagging tips Blog publishers or website publishers often struggle a lot to optimize their blog and blog posts and better search ranking. This is pretty useful to rank the page content to the top of the search engines and blogs get a high volume of traffic to the post. Lots of techniques are available for blog search engine optimization. Among all of the tips and techniques of SEO, one of the best and easy technique is to use tagging techniques to optimize any blog or blog posts. This article will just explain the tagging tips for your blog to boost your blog search engine optimization.

Most good tags are often 1-3 words rather than a long phrase or 5-6 words phrases. However, you can combine two phrases to create a good new tag. For example, “tagging tips” , “your blog”, “boost SEO” gets lots of traffic instead of using “tagging tips for your blog to boost SEO”.

The number of tags should be 6 to 10. I found lots of people have good contents but no tag at all. I think, without using any tag they are loosing the huge visitors traffic. But what is the actual number of tags? I think it’s good to use 6 to 10 keywords and this really gives much seo for your blog.

Too many tags often create a problem. Putting some tags for your content page is really useful but too many tags does not pretty useful for your blog posts. Use only measurable number of tags. Many people use many keywords like 15 to 30 keywords. But there is a common situation that most search engine sometimes ignore the rest of the tags except the first 10 tags. So, in this situation al the rest of the tags are pretty useless for the content SEO.

Avoid using inappropriate, or unrelated tags. Tags must be relevant to your content pages and the page title. If the tags are not relevant to your content page then the page rank may be depressed by the search engines. So, try to guess the relevant tags for your blog and use them only for your blog contents.

Beside using the main tags, use several variations of the tags. For example, for this article we use “tagging tips” tag. So, a variation of this tag may be “tagging tip”. Here, we use the singular form of the tag. Thus you may also use the similar words for tagging your content page.

Some SEO expert or forum may suggest to avoid to echo the title of the contents. But it is really effective and useful to echo your title of your content page. Don’t be afraid to echo content title in the tag sections of your content page.

Tags are separated by commas for most of the site. However, some site may separate the tags by spaces or other symbols. So, try to figure out the actual ways to define tags.

Tags are really effective for better SEO for your blog. Some tips i.e. tagging tips are explained in this page for better SEO of your website or blog. Based on all these methods, all the content page are tagged for better ranking of the pages to search engine and thus the SEO is easily included to all the content page.

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