Template Menubar: Menubar Is for Easy Navigation

Menubar is used for easy navigation for your blogger blog or blogspot blog posts or contents. Menubar is located just below the header or before the header which is easy for navigation. Menubar is really an eye catching elements of your blog and is pretty useful for all type of visitors for easy browse throughout the blog. Below in the snapshot, you will find a typical snapshot of menubar which is located just below the header.

Menu Bar

All of the templates which are designed HideMyTips, have been coded to have this Top Menu. It’s easy to add links to this Top Menu. To add links in the Top Menu, login to your blog account and go to the Layout --> Page Elements tab and click the Top Menu’s “Edit” link (see the red Ellipse line below). And after accessing that you can easily add links as you like!!


Thus the Top Menu option enables you to add menus as you like to add. Moreover, it also supports sub-menu also.

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