Get Invitation of Demonoid Freely!

demonoid-logoDemonoid is a torrent-lovers first and best website and a world’s number one BitTorrent tracker created by an anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym "Deimos" and "Zajson". Demonoid offers lot of things which are really exclusive and hard to find except Demonoid. The domain name of Demonoid was previously but has been migrated since November 2010 to

How to Register in Demonoid?

Registration opens in Demonoid from time to time for a very limited short period. However, a user can easily register at any time if he/she receives an invite from a current user.

Get Invitation for Demonoid Freely!

Are you interested for an account in Demonoid? Do you like to download latest exclusive materials freely? Then Demonoid is the perfect choice to select. I am a Demonoid user and I offer you the some invitation freely. I got some invitation code of my account which I would like to distribute you freely. Using these invitation code you can easily register yourself to the Demonoid website and you become a Demonoid users.

Requirements / Steps to Get a Invitation Code to Register in Demonoid:

1. Subscribe RSS feed of hideMyTips by filling the address into the email

To invite someone to the site, give him/her one of the following invitation codes, and the account registration address:
Please note: To avoid abuse, invitations are limited. Also, if someone you invite gets warned/banned, you might get warned/banned too.

Step 1: Subscribe to HideMyTips Using Your Email and give a private message  to or put your email at the comment section for the invitation code.

After finishing the above step, wait for some time to get the invitation code. Currently, I have total five invitation codes. Please complete Step 1 to get a change of winning one invitation. Based on all the emails, five winners will be awarded by a lottery draw and the invitation code will be sent through their email. The last date for applying for invitation code is January 15, 2010. So, hurry!

Step 2: When you will find the invitation code into your email, copy the invitation code and just follow the link to register your account.

Step 3: Using the invitation code, fill the registration form and submit. Within few seconds, you can access your Demonoid account easily and can start downloading any latest movie or music or mp3 or application or anything!


Following the above steps, you can easily get a free Demonoid account and download the latest exclusive content freely through your Demonoid account.


  1. Hello can I get a demonoid invitation code pls?

    my email is TNX!


    please invite me ive already subscribed.