Hide or Remove the Blogger Navbar

If you have a blog from Blogger or Blogspot, then probably you have noticed that there is a navigation bar at the top the blog. This navigation bar is referred as Blogger Navigation bar or sometimes known as Navbar. Lots of people ask the question that How to hide or remove the Blogger Navbar. Blogger Navbar provides several useful features with different colors.

Most people like to disable this Navbar as they think this is not necessary for their blogs. Anyway, there are many ways to disable or delete or remove this Navbar from your blog. But I do not mention all the ways or different methods. I only describe the easiest method which I apply to my blog (HideMyTips) to hide the Navbar from that blog. Just follow the following steps and you can easily remove the Blogger Navbar easily from your blog.

  1. Log in to your Blogger blog through the address http://hidemytips.blogspot.com/  and use your username (Email address) and password to log in to your blog account.
  2. Choose Design option After successful logged in to your blog, you will access the Dashboard of your blog. From the Dashboard, choose the blog which you want to disable or remove the Navbar. After selecting that blog, you will find an option named as Design. Just click on the option of Design. 
  3. Click on Edit HTML tab From the Design section, you can do lots of changes to your blogger blog. But we are not explaining all of them. Rather we will discuss about the technique to hide or remove the Navbar from your blog. Just click on the option Edit HTML tab under Design tab. From this option you just need to add some code to remove or disable the Navbar of the blogger blog.
  4. Find out the following code to the blogger code:

  5. Now, paste the following code just before the above line of code (code which mentioned in step 4):
    #navbar { 
        display: none; 

  6. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE button to save the changes Lastly click on the SAVE TEMPLATE button to save all the changes you have done.

And that’s all. By applying the above steps you can easily remove the Blogger Navbar or disable the Navbar from your blog. Hope, you can easily do all this. If you face any difficulties then tell me in the comment section, I will try to solve this issue.

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