Find a good Domain Name for Your Website

Good domain name is always useful to develop and expand your business and website. The key step in developing your website or expanding your business always depends on the good domain name. Besides your business branding, a domain name is one of the most common ways people will remember and access to your website. So a good domain name should be be memorable, catchy and unique.

To find a good domain name, you have to choice: either to choose an existing offline name or to choose a new name related to your goal.

Choosing a good domain name when you have an existing offline name

domain nameYou may have an established company and so you have a good established name and you may want your domain name to be the same (or very close to that name). For example, if your company name is Home Kitchen Aid Mixers then the top of your list will be This definitely distinguish from others as this more significantly distinguish your company form other company. Your name is specific from others and thus you have a good name.

Sometimes you are unable to choose the exact name. So, a little variation is need to include to that name. Suppose, the above name is nod available and then you just need to do a simply modification. So, we can add another extra word like “all” and the name should be

Another alternate is to place dashes between each word: All-Home-Kitchen-Aid-Mixers. Remember, the dashes can be tricky and people often forget to put them.

There is other alternates that you could use short name for your domain name. So, it would look if that name is free.

Moreover, there is other option. If your business is only concerned to to a region or a country then use the country’s extension with that name such as

Sometimes people suggest to keep the domain name as short as possible because people can easily access typing that name. But the problem is that many shorter/shortest names have already been snapped up. But actually the length of the domain is not as important as people think. If your company name is four letter words, then people can easily remember it with that four letter words. Moreover, you may help visitors to remember a longer name by capitalizing words / using different colors for the parts of the domain name.

Choosing a good domain name when you have an existing offline name

If you do not have any offline domain name, then you must have to find a good domain name. Try to find the domain name which is catchy and distinct from others but fully relegated to your business goal. However, it is possible to use non related terms and make it easily popular to others. Actually it depends on how you choose the domain name and how to use your domain name after that. You may use your domain to publish contents or to create a new online business. That’s up to you.

Anyway, in this page we discuss how to choose a good domain name. Hope, you find the ways to choose a good domain name for your business or for your website. Besides this page, you may read Why to Prefer Dot COM Domain Name? and What if Someone Buys Choose an Alternate Domain When Someone Buys!

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