An Easy Guide to Install Drupal on Your Computer

Drupal is one of the best CMS to build any type of website completely and easily starting from few hours. Installation of Drupal is very easy and straightforward. For this tutorial, we will use Drupal 7 to install Drupal 6. This tutorial does not supported to install Drupal 6.0 or the previous version.

Steps to install Drupal on your computer:

Follow the following step by step instructions, to install Drupal on your computer:
  1. Make sure your server meets the minimum requirements for Drupal 7. Minimumb requirements are: [1]a supported database like MySQL version 5.0 or later, PostgreSQL 8.3 or later or SQLite 3.4.2 or later, [2]a web server Apache HTTPD or Microsoft IIS and [3]PHP 5.2.0 or later. So, you have to complete all the installation of those.
  2. Start the web server and database server 
  3. Download Drupal core from Drupal website
  4. Extract the download file and rename it like mySite and move it to the web folder (if you are using wamp then you have to put it on www folder)
  5. Open the browser and type For this case, we type and hit Enter key. You will find the installation profile page and choose Standard and hit Save and continue button.
  6. Choose the language and click on Save and continue button.
  7. After the above steps Drupal will check the minimum requirements and if some problem is founded it will be displayed. You have to fix all the problems and then go forward
  8. Now set the Database configuration page. Select the Database type, Database name and Database password. Remember, you have to create a database. After you have entered your database settings, click on the Save and continue.
  9. At the end of previous steps, Drupal will display its progress and after completion of this Configure site option will be available where you have to put several information like Site name, Site email address, Username, Password, Default country and Default time zone. After you have entered the configuration options to your satisfaction, click on the Save and continue button to finalize your choices.
  10. At last a final status screen will be appeared to confirm the completion of Drupal 7. We can finally navigate to our site by clicking on the Visit your new site link.
Video tutorial to install Drupal 7:

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